Novogratz Strikes Again! This Time Where Weegee Boarded!

Those wily, many-children-ed Novogratzs are at it again. According to city records the, designing duo-turned-reality stars Bob and Courtney Novogratz finally sold the gun shop-turned-townhouse at 5 Centre Market Place for $11,999,900–more than $6 million off the $18 million Corcoran originally listed it for in 2008 (Brown Harris StevensWendy Maitland and Susan Green took over the listing in May of this year and succeeded with it, going into contract last month). Purchased by a 5 Centre Market Place LLC with a Mount Kisco, N.Y., address the buyer remains a mystery.

When Mr. and Ms. Novogratz bought the property in 2004 (one of four townhouses bought by the 9 by Design stars on the Nolita block) it was still a gun shop, as it had been for the past century save an interruption as the 1920s homebase of Arthur Fellig, the cop-catalyzing crime photographer better known as Weegee. It now features Venetian plaster, a planted Tuscan terrace with flowering cherry trees, and a Bernini-reminiscent domed rooftop basketball court. A little slice of Italia right down the street from Lombardi’s.