Redlich Makes His Own Dicker Video [VIDEO]

20100118 warren redlich 2 Redlich Makes His Own Dicker Video [VIDEO]Warren Redlich, the Libertarian candidate for governor whose videos have already attracted quite a bit of attention, is out with another today in which he takes on an actor playing Fred Dicker who accuses him of being “full of crap.”

This Fake Dicker makes the accusation because of Redlich’s claims that Andrew Cuomo has accepted millions in special interest contributions and that Carl Paladino has contributed to Democrats.

Redlich responds by showing pictures of his esophagus and his duodenum, neither of which, he explains, are in fact full of crap.

On a more serious note, Redlich writes,

Andrew Cuomo has received over $51 million in special interest contributions over the course of his political career. In this election cycle Cuomo has taken nearly 900 separate contributions of $10,000 or more. This includes a $55K contribution from a small parking lot at 318 West 37th Street in Manhattan. The parking lot is owned by West 37th Street Parking LLC, a Delaware corporation of unknown ownership. If Mr. Cuomo really wants to promote transparency in campaign finance, he should start by telling the voters of New York who’s behind the parking lot…Meanwhile, the supposedly conservative Carl Paladino has given thousands of dollars to liberals including Al Gore, John Kerry, and David Paterson.

The video is pretty hysterical. If the whole governor thing doesn’t work out, perhaps a career in film making for Redlich?



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