Rupert Murdoch Explains His Political Donations: A Favor For a Friend

Rupert Murdoch was in Washington last night to speak at a Media Institute awards banquet (he talked about Waiting for ‘Superman’ and his affinity for Michelle Rhee) and he explained his recent political donations to Keach Hagey. Twice in this election cycle, Mr. Murdoch’s News Corporation has donated $1 million to partisan causes, The Republican Governors Association and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Murdoch said that his gift to the RGA stemmed from his personal friendship with John Kasich, a former Fox News host and candidate for governor in Ohio. “It had nothing to do with Fox New,” he said. The New York Times reported that the gift was one of the largest donations ever given by a media company to a political cause. 

As for the other donation: “We are members of the Chamber of Commerce,” Mr. Murdoch said, “and I just thought I was being a good member.” He said he never intended for his gift to the Chamber of Commerce to become public, but he expected news of his donation to the RGA to get out.

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