Ruth Reichl to Random House, Fiction Stardom

Ruth Reichl will become editor at large at Random House, an arrangement that will also include a book deal for the former Gourmet editor, Memo Pad reports.

Ms. Reichl said the deal has been in the works for some time and the position seems broadly defined. “I will be acquiring books and I’m very interested in thinking about the digital future of food books,” she said. How appropriate! Gourmet is now an iPad app and we’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

While working as editor at large, she forge ahead on fulfilling a book deal that includes her debut novel, Delicious!, a cook book and two non-fiction books. WWD said Ms. Reichl has just returned from a stint at the MacDowell writers colony in New Hampshire.

When we last checked up on Ms. Reichl’s, book plans three years ago, she’d just returned from there as well, and the novel was underway. When asked if her novel was food-related, she’d said “Not really.” So, bit of a direction shift, there!