S#*! Carl Says

carl paladino S#*! Carl SaysWe are live at the Crain’s Breakfast Forum. In lieu of a liveblog, we will update this page with some of Carl Paladino’s greatest rhetorical hits.


After an introduction, Paladino takes the microphone and says, “I’m just a regular guy from Buffalo, New York.”

Reiterates plan to cut taxes and the size of government, calls Andrew Cuomo “the status quo.”

Talks about privatizing various state agencies, calls the New York State Economic Development Corporation the “no Economic Development Corporation.”

“In my mind capping [spending] is gutless. Cutting takes courage, and courage is what I will bring to table.”

“Any talk of Medicaid involves a frank discussion of Obama-care. Anybody who tells you different is probably the attorney general.”

“Obama-care is a disaster for the whole country but the problem is going to be [worse] in New York.”

Says if we invest in research in Alzheimer’s Disease, disease will hit people later, allow them to work longer which would save the state money.

“If I can’t get [the legislature] to see the light, I will get them to see the heat, or to feel the heat. Because we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more.”

Afterward speech, sheepishly says, “I think I went over [allotted time] by about 15 seconds.”

Three men in a room is not government. It is not what the framers of our Constitution envisioned…somehow the complancey of the people has allowed this ruling class in Albany to malign…the substantive results of our government.”

“You want to meet three men in a room. Fine. But the entire press corps will be there with us…[as will] my baseball bat–the people.”

On calls to shut down government if budget not reached in time. “If you think that’s a bluff, google me. I don’t bluff.”

Says he has assurances from Dean Skelos and Tom Libous to back him on calls for on-time budget or risk government shutdown.

“There are 18 deputy commissioners at Department of Child Services, most of them bumping into each other” throughout the day.

On his Empire Zone tax breaks “I relied upon the rules of the program as it was originally drafted, as did every other developer who participated in the program.” Says “Without Empire Zone you probably wouldn’t see any development at all…”

“I will disband the economic development department of the state of New York.”

“We are losing our children” because youth is moving out of state.

Says New York is the most expensive government on the face of the Earth.

Doesn’t believe in government sponsored paid-sick days, because somebody could have a hangover and abuse the policy.

“This is a kinder and gentler Carl you are talking about,” he tells moderator.

“Unions totally out of control, sapping the state, sapping the taxpayer and it’s wrong, and we are going to right the wrongs, and I will continue to reflect that, in my own kinder and gentler way.”

“I am going to take the MTA apart, piece by piece.”

“Right now this faceless giant is killing this community.”

“Eleven dollars to cross the [Verrazano-Narrows]  bridge to go see Mom. Are they out of their minds?”

“You have to understand something. I have no politic…I didn’t have to go kiss the ring of any party leaders… I owe nobody but the people.”

I was perfectly happy sitting behind my desk operating my business,” when Tea Party friends came by tried to get him to run for office. Met Rick Lazio. “We weren’t seeing anything there that was going to change things. And I have watched Andrew Cuomo over the years and I think he is a real phony.”

On why he voted for Spitzer in 2006: “I saw in Eliot Spitzer a man at the time who was talking the talk.”

“He couldn’t walk that walk. I can. And I will tell you why. I will only serve for four years…this is the first and last time I will run for public office…I don’t care about being re-elected…I am free.”

“We have had the reputation for the best landlord fo the state of New York.”

Wouldn’t sign a legislature passed same-sex marriage bill: “I think our legislature is corrupted. I think they are pay to play. I think it’s friends and family…right now they are not competent to do the people’s work.” Would sign a same-sex marriage bill if it was passed by referendum.

On Shelly Silver: “The man is a criminal…You can smell there is something wrong when he lets New Yorkers suffer the highest insurance rates while he takes his millions from Weitz and Luxembourg. The man is a criminal.”