Schneiderman Brushes Off Donovan’s AEG Criticism, Focuses On Kerik, Corruption

Eric Schneiderman is sticking to his recent script in response to Dan Donovan’s charges in the wake of the Inspector General’s Aqueduct report.

After Donovan’s critical comments on a conference call this morning, accusing Schneiderman of being too cozy with his Senate colleagues, Schneiderman spokesman James Freedland emailed the following statement:

“It’s laughable that Dan Donovan suddenly claims he will prosecute corruption when he admits he never has tried a single public corruption case in his life, failed to even have a public corruption unit in his office, and has taken campaign cash from the mob more than once. By contrast, Eric Schneiderman has been endorsed by the good government group Citizens Union for his independence and leadership on reform, including leading led the charge to expel a corrupt senator for the first time in modern history, writing the most sweeping ethics reform legislation in a generation and passing the toughest enforcement legislation in the nation to target waste, fraud and abuse in government. The choice is clear.”

And the state Democratic committee made sure to send out a video hitting Donovan for knowing Bernard Kerik. Donovan attempted to put those claims to rest in a City Hall News piece this morning.