Schneiderman Knocks Donovan On Debates

Eric Schneiderman criticized AG opponent Dan Donovan this morning for turning down several invitations to debate Wall Street policing at the Thursday Morning Roundtable, a civic forum held at Syracuse University and broadcast on WCNY.

“While Mr. Donovan earlier said he would join me in a courteous and high-minded discussion of our respective positions on this important issue, I believe his refusal now does a disservice to the voters,” said Schneiderman in a press release.

The rebuke ties in to Schneiderman’s Dodger Dan Donovan strategy, a mudslinging Facebook page with Donovan’s face photoshopped onto a Dodger’s bobble head.

“Meet Dodger Dan Donovan, a product of the Staten Island political machine. Now, in his campaign for Attorney General, Dodger Dan continuously ducks questions and avoids talking about issues critical to New York voters,” the page says.

Scheduling conflicts are the reality of this “dodge,” according to Donovan’s camp. Donovan will be in Rochester with the editorial board of the Democratic Chronicle next week, and at another campaign event on the 28th. There are only a handful of Thursday mornings between now and the election, after all.

Schneiderman might not be able to characterize his opponent as a bobbing head much longer. Donovan has accepted 3 invitations to upcoming debates, the first scheduled for Friday with WABC, said Donovan spokeswoman Virginia Lam.

Schneiderman is showing to signs of trying to re-focus the election to put the spotlight on him, not his differences with Donovan. His first ad of the general election, released today, links Donovan with Wall Street crime, but spends the first half introducing Schneiderman to voters.



Schneiderman Knocks Donovan On Debates