Seeing Is Believing! The Very Best of Animated News [VIDEO]

The prevalence of handheld video recorders and smart phones has meant that amateur video clips of news events are increasingly ubiquitous, as Carl Paladino and the Pakistani military recently discovered. But sometimes there’s not a camera handy, which is where animation comes in! For nearly a year, the Taiwan and Hong Kong-based Next Media Animation has brought news events vividly to life (whether accurately or not is another matter). The CGI renderings are fanciful, peppered with a cheery soundtrack, and narrated in Chinese, usually with English subtitles. The brilliant minds behind these videos have taken on Sarah Palin, the rivalry between The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and, most famously, the Tiger Woods car crash that led to his confession of adultery. 

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve rounded up the best of Next Media Animation’s growing oeuvre. Click through to see the headlines come alive.

SLIDESHOW: Next Media Animation’s Greatest Hits