Some E-Book Prices Rising Higher than Hardcover Prices

It’s usually a perk of buying an e-reader that along with the convenience of storing a library in a slim tablet, the prices for the books will be lower. Since the advent of such technology, that’s generally been the case.

The New York Times, however, reports today that is selling certain electronic titles at a bit of a markup compared to their print counterparts. Both Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants and James Patterson’s Don’t Blink are a tad more expensive if you opt for the e-reader editions. And those who discovered the prices while perusing the books seem to be less than pleased.

“Really, James Patterson?” the Times quoted from one of the many negative reviews on Amazon. “Why would it possibly cost more for a digital download than printed and bound ink on paper?”

In the end, though, it seems readers just can’t get enough of Ken Follett — despite the outrage over the price, the e-reader edition of Fall of Giants is currently ranked eighth on Amazon’s Kindle bestseller list.