Soros’ Son Is Secret Novogratz Buyer! Does He Shoot Hoops?

It turns out that the $12 million purchaser of Bob and Courtney Novogratz‘s revamped Nolita townhouse at 5 Centre Market Place, which was shielded under an LLC of the same name (and the sale of which we reported earlier this morning), is none other than Gregory Soros, son of hedge fund deity George Soros.

The 20-something Gregory is George’s son with second wife Susan Weber, whom Mr. Soros paid $24 million in a 2005 divorce settlement in order to keep the 16-room apartment at 1060 Fifth Avenue that the couple shared. (Mr. Soros, Forbes‘ 80th riches man in the world and a big-time patron of lefty causes, has four other children.)

Apparently, also in 2005, Gregory and his father were sued by a groundskeeper at their Bedford, N.Y., home after Gregory’s labrador retriever, Naomi, bit him. Gregory paid a $250 fine and agreed to keep the lab indoors. Fortunately, Naomi has lots of indoor roaming room at 5 Centre Street, not to mention her own planted Tuscan terrace.