“The Facebook Movie in One Minute”

“The Facebook Movie in One Minute” gives us a condensed, hyper-sexualized version of The Social Network: After creating Facebook, a pint-sized Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin take the next logical step, which in this case turns out to be wild sex in graffiti-covered bathrooms. The NMA subtitles describe this as “allowing Mark and Eduardo to fulfill their yellow fever dreams.” Then when two “row-boating wasps” — Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss — get upset at Zuckerberg for stealing their idea, and we see the twins lashing Zuck with whips and grinning. The clip moves on to depict a homoerotic relationship between Zuckerberg and Justin Timberlake’s Sean Parker — “who was famous for some music thing he did” — and then ends with Zuck presenting his $100 million check to the Newark school system. It’s touching, really.

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