There Are Four Squash Courts at The Harvard Club and Eliot Spitzer Will Play on None of Them

Eliot Spitzer, Harvard Law ’84, won’t be having a scotch with his college chums in the 1894 neo-Georgian grandeur of The Harvard Club anytime soon. The application committee for the elite Midtown facility has rejected the former governor’s application — they don’t want to be tarnished by the prostitution scandal that forced him out of office and still lingers around him, The New York Times said.

Apparently it’s very rare for The Harvard Club to deny admittance to someone associated with the nation’s oldest and most vaulted bulwark of academia. But if there are hookers and other sexcapades associated with an applicant, that’s where they draw the line. 

A statement from Spitzer’s spokesperson indicates that the new CNN co-host is a bit jilted by the snub. “The decision by the Harvard Club’s admissions committee is disappointing,” Lisa Linden said. “Last year, Harvard asked Eliot to speak on ethics at the school. He supports the institution financially. It would seem that whoever made this decision at the club is not on the same page as the university itself.”

But Spitzer is still free to frequent the urban outpost of his undergraduate days, The Princeton Club — where they apparently have no qualms with hosting members who have paid for sex. The Times is nice enough to break down the different amenities offered by the rival Ivy League abodes, in case you’re not a member. For instance, The Harvard Club has four international-level squash courts, while The Princeton Club only has two.

Only two international-level squash courts? Eliot, now we understand your frustration.  

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