Tony Oursler and Tom Eccles Launch Adobe’s Online Museum

The Standard Hotel played host to virtual zombies and digital jellyfish last night during the launch of Adobe’s Museum of Digital Media

“We wanted to look at who we are as humans in the face of technology,” curator Tom Eccles told the Daily News. “To look at our desire to reach out to each other, and to look at art in relation to the internet.” 

The museum’s website opens with an incredible video where a twisting, alien building travels to different cities around the world. Upon entering a robotic eye guides users through seventeen different zones which represent the “good the bad and the ugly of how we use technology.” 

Heading into the first exhibit, visitors are treated to a video of Tony Oursler chatting with Tom Eccles. “I really feel like I was born at the right time,” says Oursler. “the moving image was passed into the hands of the everyman.” 

A keyword in Oursler’s exhibit is the “Uncanny Valley”, a reference to the frightening sensation of seeing a virtual human who is almost perfectly lifelike, but still lacks some crucial detail. After a short jaunt around Adobe’s new creation, it’s fair to say that their virtual museum is as rich an experience as the ones made of marble and stone. 




Tony Oursler and Tom Eccles Launch Adobe’s Online Museum