What the F-ARC! Is Everybody Gonna Pull a Christie and Kill Mass Transit?

It looks like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie isn’t the only one playing politics with mass transit funding. WNYC vet Andrea Bernstein had a fascinating yet terrifying–at least for transit geeks–report on Marketplace this morning about how a number of GOP gubernatorial candidates across the country have talked about killing off high-speed rail construction in their states. It’s a pet project of the Obama Administration, including Republican Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

“I’d rather take that money and fix Wisconsin’s roads and bridges,” Scott Walker is quoted as saying. Kinda like Chris Christie has proposed–for political reasons as much as practical ones, it seems. Especially now that Bernstein’s colleauge Matt Schuerman (an Observer alum) is reporting that a Jersey democratic assembleyman has received 400 documents from the Christie administration, all of which suggest the ARC Tunnel is actually still on budget.

Christie is expected to make his final decision on the project tomorrow. It should be interesting to see whether he’ll get on board or not.

mchaban [at] observer.com / @mc_nyo