Why Are the Scissor Sisters and Dave Grohl Putting Out This Antigay Video?

The Scissor Sisters are a very good band. Their new album, Night Work, might not be the revelation fans of the band’s 2004 debut have been hoping for, but it’s a solid piece of work. So it seems unfortunate the band has opted to promote the record and their current tour with a tragically unfunny would-be viral video, starring Dave Grohl, who also knows better.

In the video, a mock news report, the Foo Fighters rocker claims to be a fan of the Sisters who is suing the band after being made violently ill by seeing (heaven help us) the testicles of the band’s frontman Jake Shears, who wears very little onstage. Unfortunately, the joke doesn’t quite work, even when Grohl turns to the camera and says, “I just don’t want Jake’s balls in my face.” That is, unless you’re a homophobic frat boy who probably doesn’t care for the Scissor Sisters anyway.

Perhaps we’re just sensitive because of the spate of gay-bashings in the news of late, the Carl Paladino imbroglio and the whole Vince Vaughn mess, but the tone here seems way off. 

Also, it’s painfully long. The video, that is. Catch it, if you must, before it is voted off Funny or Die.