7 Tweeple NBC Should Hire For Their Twitter Newswire

failwhale 7 Tweeple NBC Should Hire For Their Twitter Newswire NBC Local announced a new program yesterday which will enlist twenty influential Twitterati in each market to help spot local trending topics and discuss them on NBC blogs and in broadcasts. Or, in NBC’s words: “offer local tastemakers with significant followings on Twitter access to NBC’s powerful local media platforms.” The chosen tweeters will be called “The 20,” and they will cover topics in fashion, culture, dining, sports, education and criminal justice. Sounds like it could be a run of the mill free-journalism-for-free-publicity operation, but NBC representatives never got back to us on it.

In the mean time, we came up with some qualified local experts whom we’d be happy to see on the peacock.

SLIDESHOW: Seven Nominees for ‘The 20’

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