Absolut’s Spike Lee Joint Not Terribly Well Received in Bed-Stuy

Some Bed-Stuy residents are apparently not pleased about being inundated with ads for Spike Lee’s Absolut Vodka collaboration, the Daily News reports. The New York-based Children’s Aid Society counted 56 ads featuring the modified bottle in the neighborhood.

“You’re not supposed to be promoting stuff like that in areas that can barely afford food,” said one teen who participated in the counting.

If you haven’t seen it, the bottle is extremely Lee’d-out. It features a Brownstone stoop, and the little medallion near the top of the bottle has been modified to include glasses and a baseball cap. It is infused with apples and ginger, traditional neighborhood flavors, as every Brooklynite knows.

Mr. Lee had no comment for the paper. Last month, Page Six reported that his wife Tonya Lewis Lee joked that she was hesitant to be photographed near a bottle of Belvedere, given her husband’s partnership with the competitor.