An Illustrated Guide To thingd, the Facebook for Stuff

Joe Einhorn is building a database of every object in the world.
Mark Zuckerberg's genius was to let people organize the web by friends, especially through photos.
How will this work? Pretty simple actually
But humans don't understand the world in terms of web pages (at least not yet).
Google made its fortune by creating the best way to understand the relationships between all the pages on the web.
The next step is to create social sites on top of this database, much like the Facebook platform. Thingd already has passionate users tagging items related to fashion and toys.
Companies like Foursquare are helping users chart their location.
If Facebook is the Who, and Foursquare is the Where, Twitter is the When, then Thingd is the What.
Einhorn has created programs that crawl the web identifying items. That's why the company is called thing daemon (thingd for short). It has cataloged hundreds of millions of items and is adding about 2 million per week.
Einhorn hopes that someday his database will power people's interactions with objects all across the net, and in an internet of things, perhaps offline as well.
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