Deal of the Century-Old Apthorp: Apartments Selling at 90 Percent Off! Cheaper Than Moving to Queens

apthorp spotlight Deal of the Century Old Apthorp: Apartments Selling at 90 Percent Off! Cheaper Than Moving to QueensDespite all the problems plaguing the Apthorp–the shoddy renovations, the rampaging rodents, the horrible Halloweens–who wouldn’t take a top-floor apartment, once asking $2 million, for one-10th that much?

The Post reports that a number of apartments have sold for a fraction of their original asking price, including that 763-square-foot one-bedroom that sold for $228,900, an 88 percent steal from the 13-month ask of $2,025,765. There was a 405-square foot studio with an 86 percent discount to $123,717 and a 964-square-foot penthouse for $417,177, down from $2,559,420. There could be a catch: That first condo was described as “‘unrenovated’ but ‘livable'” to the tab. 

Still, in a neighborhood where the median price per square foot hovers above $1,000, according to StreetEasy, picking up a unit in a famous, albeit famously troubled, building for $300 to $400 per square foot seems like an unbeatable deal. Hell, those are Queens prices.

There are deals for those with more money, too, like a 2,910-square-foot five-bedroom on the seventh floor that sold for $3.4 million, according to StreetEasy, down from $8.79 million (61 percent off) and a 3,100-square-foot four-bedroom that went for $3.85 million after an ask of $15.5 million (75 percent off). A more germane deal was the 31 percent discount on a neighboring four-bedroom that sold for $4.375 million, down from $6.35 million and a first ask of $7.5 million.

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