Despite Its Logo, Social Browser Rockmelt Isn’t Earth-Shattering

A new web browser, Rockmelt, debuted in limited beta today, and all the big tech blogs respectfully lathered on the coverage, despite the fact that it really offers nothing particularly innovative or unique.

Rockmelt? Isn’t that the sandwich special at the local deli on Tuesdays? Roquefort over a some nice pieces of, thick-sliced piping hot pastrami with grilled onions and big boulders of peppercorn. Mmmm, now that would be worth writing about.

Simple breakdown: Rockmelt is Google Chrome with a left rail to keep track of your most important friends, a right rail to keep track of your most important sites and a top rail for search that lets you tab through the top ten results without leaving the page you’re on.

Yeah yeah, these guys raised some dough from Andreessen-Horowitz, and these are all fine little add-ons, but nothing revolutionary. I’ll take Tweetdeck and the extra space in my browser to, I dunno, browse the web?

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