Elsewhere: Eating Breakfast at the Regency and Lunch at Michael’s

The Daily Kos thinks Mike Bloomberg is not really an outsider: “If you are eating breakfast at The Regency, and lunch at Michael’s, then you might not be “outside the system.”‘

Cathie Black emerges.

Dennis Kucinich is aiming to oust Ed Towns.

Cathie Black has proven herself in the real world, Mayor Bloomberg says.

Meanwhile, the mayor is rallying the business world around her.

Bloomberg doesn’t think an independent can become president.

David Paterson reprimanded Charlie Rangel.

Andrew Cuomo wants the courts to get a move on the state Senate recounts.

DADT isn’t dead yet.

Nancy Pelosi will be the next minority leader, although 43 Democrats voted against her.

Nate Silver wonders whether Pelosi is the country’s most unpopular politician.