Elsewhere: Post Mortem Pundit Bingo!

A look at how statewide pollsters screen for likely voters

Matt Damon continues to make the WFP pitch.

The best signs from the Colbert/Stewart rally.

Sarah Palin is not a fan of Politico

Andrew Cuomo is roboing for Eric Schneiderman

Trying to appeal to the masses, Obama to be interviewed by Ryan Seacrest.

Carl Paladino is robo-ing registered Democrats.

And he still loves the Photoshop

Tom DiNapoli made a final pitch on YouTube

Christine O’Donnell has a 25 minute campaign infomercial, that will never air.

Former Rep. Gary Condit took the stand at the murder trial for his former intern/girlfriend.

Andrew Cuomo said tax cuts will happen “down the road”

Mike McMahon’s brother backs Dan Donovan.

Rock Hackshaw is pissed off.

Pundit post-mortem BINGO!

Elsewhere: Post Mortem Pundit Bingo!