New York Times Magazine Editor Hugo Lindgren Talks Coming Changes

It’s been over a month since The Observer broke the news that Hugo Lindgren would be stepping into the editorship at The New York Times Magazine, a seat vacated by departing the Gerry Marzorati, after a stint as executive editor at Bloomberg Businessweek. In that time he’s already hired former New York magazine colleague Lauren Kern from O: The Oprah Magazine as his number two, and snatched up The New Republic‘s Greg Veis to head up the front-of-the-book section. 

It’s that part of the magazine that Lindgren plans on changing, he tells former employer New York‘s Daily Intel. 

We’re going to be doing some significant redesign work, and have a newish magazine by the end of January. The big thing is, I want to create a kind of new identity for the front-of-the-book section. That doesn’t mean that everything’s being tossed out. We’re looking at everything and evaluating what sort of fits. 

He also mentioned that he’s considering ditching the name of “The Way We Live Now” — a section he helped create during a previous stint at The New York Times Magazine — but gave no word on its potential replacements. 

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