Extreme Trading: Sugar Soars … and More!

The British pound rocketed to a nine-month high vs. the dollar after Britain's central bank said it wouldn't be following up on American quantitative easing with its own round of monetary stimulus.

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Worries about weather damage to sugar crops in Brazil prompted the price of the sweet stuff to jump to a 29-year high Thursday.

Shares of Ford rocketed to a 52-week high on Wednesday following the company's announcement that its October car sales jumped 19 percent.


The Dow hit a two-year high Wednesday following the Federal Reserve's big quantitative-easing announcement. The next day, blue-chip average jumped 188 points.

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The price of rubber futures jumped to a record high on the Singapore Commodity Exchange Wednesday following a devastating cyclone and monsoon season.

Shares of homebuilding company Pulte Group dropped to a 52-week low Wednesday on a $1 billion third-quarter loss and concerns that its merger with Centex would turn out to be a burden.

Oil prices hit a two-week high Monday as investors digested economic data that suggested growth in Chinese manufacturing and on suspicion that just maybe later in the week the Federal Reserve would enact some monetary stimulus.


Following a $109.5 million initial public offering, shares of SodaStream were up 22 percent Thursday. Apparently investors saw value in the company that turns plain old water into delicious soda "in seconds."

The U.S. dollar hit a 15-year low against the yen last Friday and was again trading lower on Thursday as investors mulled the effects of the Federal Reserve's purchase of $600 billion in long-term Treasuries.

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