Failed New York Actors Become Successful New York Bed Bug Hunters

New York has always been home to failed actors and actresses. The story is an age-old cliche: a fresh face comes from the midwest, auditions endlessly, but can’t quite make it. So what do all the sad young thespians do to pay the rent these days? Well, it looks like they hunt bed bugs. 

The Wall Street Journal has a trend story about the wave of unsuccessful actors who work for Bed Bug Busters NY — vermin cleansers with an eye for the dramatic. Showbiz dropout Janet Friedman founded the company after “42nd Street,” where she was a stage magager, closed, leaving her without a job. Now, she hires out-of-work actors because they “have great personalities and follow directions well.”

Getting through the day seems like a piece of cake! All you have to do, according to failed actress Meagan Gilliand, is “pretend to be OK, like you’re still having a good time with friends and stuff, while you’re choking on a lot of dust.” 

Hopefully your acting skills weren’t too insufficient — that sounds like a lot of pretending!

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