Foursquare Adds Full-Time PR Agency to Its Arsenal

Until now, Foursquare has had only a single PR person, Erin Gleason, whom the location-based service hired away from Google back in July.

Now PRWeek is reporting that Foursquare has hired NY-based digital PR firm Kaplow to head up Foursquare’s national push. 

“We felt that because we were so short staffed, we weren’t able to tell the story we want to,” Gleason told PRWeek.

The biggest challenges at this point are privacy and general awareness. Foursquare has been growing fast, but the entry of Facebook directly into the same space means they are already outgunned in terms of size and visibility.

Yesterday’s I Voted badge was a smart move by Foursquare. It got the company national attention for endorsing a good cause, without resorting to gimmicks. Kaplow would be well served to build on that momentum.

Foursquare Adds Full-Time PR Agency to Its Arsenal