From The Inbox V…

Another reader writes in to say that the real race to watch tonight is the comptroller race between Tom DiNapoli and Harry Wilson:

“Did 1199’s late donations and GOTV efforts keep DiNapoli in office? If Harry Wilson wins, he is going to have a big, Republican-friendly, anti-Medicaid media platform for the next 4 years as he goes into the state accounts.”

Asked to clarify, the reader wrote that if Wilson wins and takes on 1199 and the health care industry, he could be something of a national voice, much the way New York’s AG was back when Democrats were in ascendance:

“Harry Wilson will be able to highlight how he can a) reduce expenditures, b) improve care, c) stop sending as much money to union members. And, since NY will be under severe fiscal pressure and Republicans might control state Senate and he is in NY, friends with WSJ and the Times likes him too, he will have a good media platform. Possibly nationally, as states struggle with Medicaid and the coming health-care reform rules.”