Georgina Bloomberg On The Mend After Equestrian Accident and Bad Breakup

Georgina Bloomberg is recovering after suffering a concussion, a fractured spine, and a bad case of heartache.

Mayor Bloomberg’s daughter gave an exclusive interview to the New York Post in which she revealed that her boyfriend, Joey Cheek, dumped her four days after she was injured in a nasty equestrian accident Nov. 5. 

“The guy I was totally in love with decided that now would be an appropriate time to break up with me, which took me by surprise … I’m really surprised anyone would be so insensitive as to do it while I am down and out,” Bloomberg said.

Cheek, 31, is a speedskater who medaled at the Winter Olympics in 2002 and 2006. He currently attends Princeton University. 

Bloomberg is currently healing from both her physical and mental injuries. She told the Post that she was taking a brief “mental-health break” in Manhattan for a night before returning to the Bloomberg family farm in Westchester County. In spite of the “insensitive” circumstances of their breakup, Bloomberg seems to be on relatively good terms with Cheek. 

“We’ll probably be friends at some point down the line,” she told the Post.

Cheek would do well to make nice with Bloomberg. It’s never a good idea to anger a woman who has the ear of the tabloids. 

As of this writing, Cheek has not responded to a request for comment from The Observer