Idol Speculation! Tina Fey Fails to Flip UWS Pad–Or Does She?

Blurgh! Tina Fey has sold her teeny West 85th Street pad, but for exactly the same price she bought it for. 

The comedian and her hubby, composer Jeff Richmond, had been using the studio apartment as an office. It went for $550,000, the same price they paid for it in 2006. With some uncharacteristic snark, the Wall Street Journal writes that Ms. Fey “has proved she can convincingly play a number of roles as an actress. But real-estate speculator probably isn’t among them.”

Since we credit Ms. Fey for partially ending Sarah Palin’s vice presidential run and proving one can be funny and a smoking hottie as well, we’d like to offer a couple of points in her defense.

First of all, the clueless seller had no idea who the apartment belonged to (even though a quick Google search would have cleared that up). Not only that, but she had no idea who Tina Fey was until after she bought the apartment and decided to rent the delightful Baby Mama. We tend to think it’s to the star’s credit that she didn’t invoke that star power to inflate the price of the sale. 

Secondly, Ms. Fey also managed to purchase a 10-room apartment at 300 West End Avenue last year for $3.4 million, or 17 percent below the most recent asking price. Dare we suggest Ms. Fey’s greater success as a buyer than a seller might not so much reflect her real estate skills as the state of the market as a whole? 

Ms. Fey has also listed her original West End Avenue apartment for $2.295 million, after purchasing it for a fraction of that price in 2005. The listing has been taken down, though the sale (and much-anticipated closing price) has yet to hit public records. Perhaps the Upper West Side’s favorite girl next door will finally avenge her doubters.

Idol Speculation! Tina Fey Fails to Flip UWS Pad–Or Does She?