In Deed! From Gere to Greenwich for Power Buyers; Frankenstein Departs UWS

— A mysterious New York couple are snapping up fabulous properties. Kelly Granat and Susan Boland have just purchased a $2.8 million apartment at 40 Fifth Avenue. The apartment isn’t listed, but by some reports it is the “most elegant building on lower Fifth Avenue.” Still, there’s no way the Granat-Boland duo will be able to top their previous $5.9 million purchase of Richard Gere’s Hamptons haunt. The holiday retreat, which the couple scored for a mere third of the asking price, includes 1.2 acres and a heated pool.

Who are these power buyers with a taste for fine real estate, you ask? Ms. Boland is a senior marketing exec, whose clients include Citibank and Marriott. Ms. Granat, a Harvard MBA, works for a Connecticut-based hedge fund.

— A society power couple has sold their Upper West Side residence for $1.095 million. The name on the deed is Barbara Olcott, one half of the society power duo that also includes her husband Emery Olcott. Mr. Olcott is the former chief exec of Canberra industries, a prominent nuclear company and the couple are also co-producers of Frankenstein: The Musical. That’s an eerie combo of credentials if there ever was.

Annette Temstet, the owner of Premier Realty Management, has scored an unlisted Lenox Hill apartment for $3.3 million. The savvy Ms. Temstet will enjoy a 14th-floor spot in the Azure. Those in search of a sparkling Lenox Hill residence need not fear: the penthouse is still on the market for a cool $11.37 million.

Earl E.T. Smith Jr., the son of a former ambassador to Cuba, has purchased a $1.4 million apartment at 47 East 67th Street. Mr. Smith Jr. is one of the many descendants of the very-late Cornelius Vanderbilt. He must have inherited some of the family business sense, given that he scored the apartment for $200,000 under the asking price.

— Warburg broker Jocelyn Turken has scored a swanky Chelsea pad for $1.2 million. The apartment, listed by rival firm Douglas Elliman, has a dream location at 77 Seventh Avenue in the prestigious Vermeer. Just remember, kids, location ….


In Deed! From Gere to Greenwich for Power Buyers; Frankenstein Departs UWS