In Other News: The End of Pickpocketing?

oliver twist In Other News: The End of Pickpocketing?- No aspiring Oliver Twists in New York, it seems, as pickpockets are now a dying breed. That said, if you get drunk and pass out on the train, don’t expect to wake up with your iPod.

- Remember when we said that thing about the Kardashians shirking their party responsibilities? Well, maybe they didn’t. Page 6, you got some ‘splainin to do.

- Poll says people think Andy Cuomo is gonna be one swell politician. Hopefully his girlfriend will make him some celebratory cakes in honor of this occasion.

- Some dude in Australia is going to sit in a store window with a bunch of spiders for charity. Forgive us for asking but…why? Just why.

- Great news for trinket lovers: there’s a year-round Christmas store in midtown.