In Other News: The Kardashian Sisters Will Ditch Your Party!

kardashians In Other News: The Kardashian Sisters Will Ditch Your Party!-The Kardashian sisters get paid tens of thousands of dollars just to go to a party and sit there looking pretty for a few hours. And yet they shirk these responsibilities!

-Heh. Camel markets to Brooklyn hipsters. Next up: American Spirit smoking lounge to open at the Bedford stop on the L.

-If you got shot near the groin leaving a deli, do you think you’d finish the sandwich before going to the ER?

-A reporter lingers around the entrance to the Manolo Blahnik sample sale and buys a pair of gold heels off the makeshift Blahnik black market. The price? Less than $100. Well played.

-No plans for Christmas? How about visiting Santa? At the North Pole!? You can do this for $50k. 


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