In Taiwanese Animated News Video, Four Loko Glows an Electric Green

four loko bluejan10 In Taiwanese Animated News Video, Four Loko Glows an Electric GreenThe geniuses at Next Media Animation have done it again. After the FDA mounted a national attack on the caffeine in Four Loko, the Taiwanese animated news specialists have turned their gaze toward the Skittles-flavored “blackout in a can.” The saga opens with Loko’d-up teens stumbling around a party, throwing trash cans at each other and engaging in whatever else the kids do these days. Then, all of a sudden, someone wakes up in the gorilla cage at the zoo! Wow, if we had a nickel…

Then we’re off to the lab, where a white-coated FDA agent inspects the odious liquid by dumping it into a sink. When released from the can, the computer animated Four Loko glows a neon green, bright and electric. Quite life-like, really!

Numb the pain of the ban by watching the video below, and reliving the glory days when Loko was legal.

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