Jann Wenner Pulls Editor From Rolling Stone to Edit Men’s Journal

Struggling to keep his publications profitable, Jann Wenner has again drawn from his own stable of magazines in replacing Brad Weiners, the Men’s Journal editor he fired last week.

Keith Kelly reports that Wenner has named Rolling Stone executive editor Jason Fine to replace Weiners at the outdoorsy-tinged mag, in a move that could spell more incestuous collisions within the Wenner umbrella.

“It isn’t actually a full merger between RS and MJ – just a slow but definite takeover,” a source told Kelly.

In another ploy to recoup plummeting sales, Wenner has sold out the brand and logo to create a chain of Rolling Stone restaurants. The first of these emporiums, sure to be stuffed with pitiful classic rock momentos, opened in Los Angeles Sunday night. It is called “RS/LA.” And… it’s basically a Hard Rock Cafe. Classy move, Jann.

nfreeman at observer.com |@nfreeman1234