Jerry Stiller And Anne Meara To Robo For WFP

Actors Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara are joining the star-studded list of celebrities asking New Yorkers to vote for Working Families Party candidates on the Working Families Party line and the Working Family Party line alone.

Earlier today, Matt Damon released another web video for the cause.

The robo-call from the acting duo–who are the parents of Ben and Amy Stiller– will go out to around 30,000 WFP and Democratic party members in what the WFP says are the state’s “progressive” precincts. The audio is above and the script below:


JS:  Hi, I’m Jerry Stiller.


AM:  And I’m Anne Meara.  This Tuesday, we’re voting on the Working Families line, Row E.  Because voting Working Families says to the politicians, Hey!, it’s time to focus on jobs, housing, schools, things that really matter to us!


JS:   So join us this Tuesday and vote for Andrew Cuomo, Tom DiNapoli, and Eric Schneiderman, on the Working Families line, Row E.


AM:  Press one now if we can count on you to vote Working Families.  I’m Anne Meara.


JS:  And I’m Jerry Stiller.


AM:  Say Thank you Jerry


JS:  Thank you Jerry!





JS:   You found the button, good for you!


AM:   And Jerry, remember, only vote on the Working Families line this Tuesday – Row E!


JS:   Row E!


AM:   No, we’re supposed to do it together.


JS:   I did it together.  You’re always contradicting me!


Jerry Stiller And Anne Meara To Robo For WFP