Late Night Characters We Want to See on Conan

How can one forget this Conan classic? The only things smoother than Pimpbot's jive are his gears.
During one skit featuring the Horny Manatee, Coco suggested viewers to head to "," forcing NBC to buy the domain name. "Late Night" ran with it, posting pictures of faux-manatees wearing everything from schoolgirl costumes to ball gags. Now, the domain just redirects to a travesty of the first order.
Over his years as a "Late Night" correspondent, Triumph has "pooped on" everyone from die-hard Star Wars fans to Jon Bon Jovi.

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When The Interruptor comes on stage, he makes sure that Conan can never finish a—
You had better hope A-hole Ronald doesn't catch you snacking on a Whopper in Central Park. He'll slap that sucker out of your hand faster than you can say "Wendy's."
Running low on a certain brand of ointment? Preparation H Raymond is a fount of free samples.
From his seat in the audience, Fun Hole Guy is a Puritan of the first order, berating Conan for his lack of decency. It isn't until Fun Hole Guy gets up and storms out of the studio that the audience realizes his hypocrisy.
Although Conan technically fired the FedEx Pope, he fell asleep on a couch backstage, where pilgrims from around the world come to pay their respects.
For "Late Night with Conan O'Brien's" 10-year anniversary, Will Ferrell appeared on stage in a satiny leprechaun outfit and proceeded to dance up on Conan's leg. Although he's not a recurring character per se, we hope to see this kinky sprite make a guest appearance on Conan's new show.


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