Live From State Republican Party Headquarters

New York Republican State Committee Chairman Ed Cox kicked off the formal festivities at the GOP victory party in the Hilton ballroom tonight.

He addressed the crowd of about 150 people briefly, talking about a rising tide of Republican power that will change Albany and Washington D.C.

“My friends, there is one party control in Albany for the first time since 1933 and one party control in Washington, and it’s not our party and so this is our oppportunity, an opportunity for victory, my friends, for victory, and that is what we are going to have today,” Cox said.

Republican comptroller candidate Harry Wilson is the first to arrive at the GOP victory party. Since arriving, he has spent at least 20 minutes talking to the press in the media pin, as opposed to mingling with the 125 or so guests.

Siena’s most recent poll has the comptroller race essentially tied, yet Wilson remains optimistic because of his internal polls.

“Our internal polls were always much closer than public polls, I don’t know why that is but I have a lot of confidence in our internal polls,” Wilson said.

Wilson stressed the importance of an independent comptroller, and, in spite of his statements to the contrary, many could view this as an attempt to connect himself to a flalling Republican gubernatorial candidate.

“I’m not trying to distance myself from Carl Paladino, I just think that the comptroller needs to be independent, no matter who the top of the ticket was,” he said.

“My opponent’s tenure has been a sad example of what happens when the comptroller is not independent and so that’s really what I’ve tried to emphasize.

“I’m really impressed by the number of people who look at each race independently,” he added.


Live From State Republican Party Headquarters