McCarthy Declares Victory

carolyn mccarthy McCarthy Declares VictoryCarolyn McCarthy has declared victory this morning after a hard-fought contest against Fran Becker.

Becker, a county legislator, made this race surprisingly close. Eric Cantor even came into the district to campaign for him. McCarthy flirted with running for the Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand because of what she saw as Gillibrand’s lax position on gun control, but ultimately decided against it. The McCarthy campaign tried as much as possible to tie Becker to top-of-the-ticket mate Carl Paladino.

Says McCarthy:

“Yesterday, the voters of the 4th Congressional District sent a clear message.  They said ‘no’ to the Party of No, to the distortion of facts and to the politics of division.  They said ‘yes’ to reason and to government taking aggressive measures to protect consumers, small businesses, taxpayers, and the working class.

“I’m proud to have helped thousands of constituents in my district office and millions of Americans with the legislation that I’ve written and helped pass.  I’m grateful for all the support I’ve gotten over the years and during this race.  Now, I look forward to continuing that work and the challenges ahead: making sure that our economy continues to bounce back and continuing the tradition of bipartisanship that has allowed me to be successful under both Democratic and Republican leadership.”