Meet the Newest Members of NY’s Congressional Delegation

  • congress Meet the Newest Members of NYs Congressional DelegationMembers of Congress have returned to Washington today to take care of last minute business: tax cuts, DADT, possible votes on immigration or energy.  For some, it will be their last time inside the marbled halls of The Capitol, as they were swept out of office by the change election that just drastically altered the face of the government.

    Nowhere is that more true than in New York, where over one fifth of the delegation will be replaced with new members. Fittingly, for a year that saw Republicans retake the House by a convincing margin, all six of New York’s new members are Republicans, and all six of them took seats previously held by Democrats. 

    Without further ado then, New York, here are your newest representatives. >> is now part of We're bringing you more political news, as well as culture, style, real estate and opinion.

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