Mice and Vermin Earn Bloomberg’s Favorite Eatery Poor Score

A certain big orange letter adorning restaurant windows has been scaring away customers. This “C,” indicating that the eatery in question received the poorest possible grade from the Health Department, has been keeping patrons away from even their regular haunts, according to the New York Post. Last week that paper surveyed the patrons of dining spots recently slapped with the doomed C, and many said they would stay away, regardless of their previous affection, until the grade went up.


Now, Mike Bloomberg is in the same boat. The city’s — his city’s — Health Department has bestowed upon the mayor’s beloved Viand Cafe on the Upper East Side 36 violation points, more than enough to earn it the dreaded C grade. The Post reports that the inspectors found “evidence of mice” and called the facilities not sufficiently “vermin-proof.”

Will the Mayor get spooked by the allegations and find another joint to nosh on salt-heavy snacks? Given the Post‘s dedicated coverage of this developing health inspection story, we’ll probably find out soon.

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