Mixing Business with Pleasure: The Times Takes a Look at High-End Coffee Cocktails

Though it may appear otherwise, Four Loko wasn’t history’s first beverage that buzz-seeking booze-lovers turned to for a two-faced rush of alcohol and caffeine, combined. Hot on the the heels of his review of the controversial drink, Frank Bruni at The New York Times wrote today about visiting bars specializing in coffee cocktails, where the mixologists have more in mind than just spiked black java.

First up is the Randolph at Broome, where the bar master crafts his coffee-liquor concoction using a variety of spirits and flavors: Bulleit, Sailor Jerry, Laird’s apple brandy, cognac, Italian amaro; house-made syrups and house-made salt solutions; orange peels, lemon peels or grapefruit peels.

Fort Defiance, in Brooklyn, comports itself in a similar manner. St. John Frizell, the principle owner, prides himself on the care with which he prepares that original classic of the caffeinated cocktail canon, the Irish coffee. “Our Irish coffee might be the best thing we’ve ever served,” he told Bruni. 

The inclusion of coffee, that office staple, makes these cocktails acceptable, perhaps, for some daytime drinking. Especially on a Friday. The Randolph’s Troy Sidle serves up the drinks starting at 11:00 am, so if you’re near Broome and Elizabeth, get up now and walk over. Why not! Treat yourself!

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