Morning Roundup: A Prop Trade By Any Other Name …

  • One way to sidestep the new “Volcker rule” that seeks to ban proprietary trading: Call it proprietary investing. [FT]
  • Not so fast, insurers and trade clearinghouses: You, too, are under consideration for stricter capital requirements because, like other financial firms, some of you are too big to fail. [Bloomberg]
  • The Panic of 2008 did not purge the financial system of all the bad assets that hobbled some of America’s biggest firms. The assets are still gathering dust on assorted comanies’ balance sheets, waiting for opportunistic hedge funds and private equity firms to snap them up at bargain-basement prices. [NYT]
  • The G20 group of economic powerhouses is close to an accord on foreign exchange rates and trade imbalances, but the dual specters of protectionism and emerging-economy resentment continue to haunt the proceedings. [WSJ]
  • Despite these tough economic times, companies are very excited about selling insurance to rich people. [Reuters]

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