Morning Roundup: Business Grads, This Could Be Your Year!

  • More graduates of MBA programs are finding jobs this year, but fat paychecks and practical-joke-sized signing bonuses have yet to return to vogue. [BBW]
  • The Commodities Futures Trading Commission is not the wastrel federal institutio0n it once was, but it may still lack the resources to oversee the derivatives markets it is now charged with regulating. [NYT]
  • Unlike the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank is not exceptionally enthusiastic about pouring unprecedented amounts of money into the financial system. [WSJ]
  • Ex-Federal Reserve chair Paul Volcker isn’t convinced that the Fed’s $600 billion quantitative easing plan will light a fire under the proverbial backside of our stagnant economy. [AP]
  • The Federal Reserve may soon chill out a little bit about big banks paying dividends to their investors. [Reuters]

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