Morning Roundup: Cash For a Former Clunker

  • General Motors’ Wednesday initial public offering notwithstanding, many companies are having trouble coming public in today’s business environment. [NYT]
  • Other companies’ troubles notwithstanding, shares of General Motors are selling like hotcakes, the dickens, and the 2010 Ford F-150 all rolled into one. Vroom vroom! [WSJ]
  • Although a settlement is possibly in the works between the big banks and attorneys general from all 50 states, the foreclosure crisis could still hamstring major lenders, because of class-action lawsuits. [AP]
  • The trustee in charge of recovering funds for victims of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme is suing two lawyers to reclaim $20.4 million in fake profits. [Bloomberg]
  • Soon major banks may be able to start raising their dividends and initiating share buybacks, provided they can convince the Federal Reserve that their capital levels are going to conform to Basel III requirements. [FT]

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