Morning Roundup: Obama Wants to Snuggle With a Skeptical Wall Street

  • President Obama and his administration puckered up to give corporate America a big wet kiss yesterday, but corporate America turned away at the last second and said, “I’m not that kind of girl. Plus, I heard what you’ve been saying about me behind my back.” [WSJ]
  • A settlement is in the works between major banks and state attorneys general over the matter of shoddy foreclosure paperwork. [CNBC]
  • General Motors’ initial public offering, expected to be priced today, will be one of the largest in American history. It will also look like a major breakthrough for bailed-out corporate America, but looks can be deceiving. [NYT]
  • The National Academy of Engineering and National Research Council has found that BP ignored some risks and was not very disciplined when it came to keeping the Gulf of Mexico from becoming an ecological disaster zone. [Bloomberg]
  • Republicans, irritated by the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing regime, would prefer that the central bank concern itself only with controlling inflation and let other people handle the whole unemployment thing. [FT]

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