Morning Roundup: Rattner the Attacker

  • As he fielded two lawsuits from New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and settled his beef with the SEC yesterday, former car czar Steven Rattner also went on the offensive, suing his former buddies at private equity shop Quadrangle Group. [NYT]
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is still mad at China for undervaluing its currency, but he still isn’t calling the country out by name. [Bloomberg]
  • European countries are saying to Ireland, “Please! Take a bailout!” and Ireland is saying, “We don’t know how much we need!” and some Eurpoean Union sources are saying “Between 45 billion and 90 billion euros.” [Reuters]
  • The Obama administration’s $800 billion stimulus package is improving the economy, according to economists employed by the Obama administration. [AP]
  • On the advice of JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley and after much debate, the government sold more of its stake in General Motors than it had originally planned. [WSJ]

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