Morning Roundup: Those Profits Won’t Last

  • People aren’t going to Atlantic City to gamble so much as they’re going to get hotel rooms, buy food and go to concerts. At least one guy went to take advantage of a Boardwalk Empire promotion. [AP]
  • You may have heard this before, but people are still saying it: Investors eagerly await this week’s announcement by the Federal Reserve regarding “quantitative easing,” a monetary stimulus tactic that drives down long-term interest rates in hopes of spurring investment. [NYT]
  • Some CEOs of major companies are quite pleased with their third-quarter earnings, but they’re worried that demand for their products will remain slack as their costs increase — not exactly a recipe for job creation. [WSJ]
  • Goldman Sachs is losing market share in the fixed-income business, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, because its fixed-income business has been a huge moneymaker. Some analysts are blaming regulators. [Bloomberg]
  • Bloomberg is now charging people $2,000 for e-newsletters, one of which arrives daily. It doesn’t look like the subscription comes with a football phone or swimsuit issue. [FT]

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