Mother’s Defense of Five-Year-Old Cross-Dressing Son Blows Up Online

The Scooby-Doo gang have long been a staple of preschool school Halloween parties. But when a five-year-old Missourian had his pick of the sleuthing Mystery Machine crew, his choice came as a surprise to classmates and their mothers. Instead of going with Shaggy, he went with Daphne. Ruh-roh.

His own mother, however, is perfectly fine with the outfit, so much that she took to her blog and put up a post entitled “My son is gay.”

“Or he’s not,” she continued. “I don’t care. He is still my son. And he is 5. And I am his mother. And if you have a problem with anything mentioned above, I don’t want to know you.”

Her support for her potentially gay son has proved quite the internet lightning rod! It’s racked up over a million hits in three days and has 20,000 comments responding to it. The mother, identified only as Sarah, phoned in to CNN this morning to size up the commotion her post has caused. The video is below.