New Email @Facebook Expected for Monday

facebook email invite New Email @Facebook Expected for MondayThe big rumor today, broken by Jason Kincaid over at Techcrunch, is that Facebook will be announcing its own email client on Monday, adding a little context to the battle over email contacts that broke out this week between Google and Facebook.

It appears as though Facebook will build out its message service into a full fledged email feature, bestowing on each user an address. If the company can import users’ gmail contacts, it would be a pretty simple matter for it to build up their address books on the new service. 

Adding a further layer of intruige to this story, Read Write Web says that the Facebook email system may integrate with Microsoft’s Office Web Apps, making it a more robust competitor to the suite of Google apps that currently surround Gmail.

Facebook could add interesting elements to email with its powerful social graph. An inbox could be prioritized based on the strength of relationships, and meta-data about senders and receipients could be added to the emails themselves.

Once again, as was indicated when the firm announced plans for a mobile platform, it’s clear Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook be as big in scope as any technology company in the world.


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