New York City Traffic: Officially Worst in the Nation

alg traffic2 New York City Traffic: Officially Worst in the Nation Traveling this weekend? Worried about the traffic that might pile up getting out of the city? Under the impression that it’s going to be a certified disaster to deal with?

If so, you’re absolutely correct! New York’s traffic doesn’t just appear to be soul crushingly terrible – a study by traffic data hoarder NAVTEQ has found that New York has the slowest-moving, most horrendously congested traffic in the country. They announced the findings today, with Thanksgiving just around the corner.

So, unless you book it out of the city at 3:00 in the morning, a family holiday supposedly full of turkey and cheer will turn into a statistically proven nightmare. The bumper-to-bumper traffic will mar the entire weekend. Sorry about that!

And good luck if you happen to be driving to a certain city that’s usually just four hours south on I-95: Washington, D.C. comes in at the second-worst city for traffic. Good luck making it down in eight hours.

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